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Cold room repairs, maintenance & regassing services in South Africa? Contact us for long-lasting freezer room repair solutions & all emergency services.

cold room repair services

Cold Room Repairs

At Glotech, we understand the significance of maximizing the performance of your cold-room system. We know very well that keeping your products stored at the optimum temperature is vital for ensuring their quality as well as giving them extended shelf life. This is why our team of skilled cooler room technicians is determined to optimise your cold-room system to give you the best possible results.

Reliable Freezer Room Repair Company

What makes us a reliable commercial fridge repair company is the fact that we only use modern & genuine replacement parts. We are known for following ethics and industry best practices in our repair processes. We always try to provide long-lasting solutions that reduce the chances of breakdowns in the future. This saves your time and money in the long run.

Emergency Cooler Room Services

To preserve the perishables and curb losses for your business you need a well organised company, well equipped with every tool and manpower to deal with emergencies by offering same day service. More a local Cape Town based company to deal with such uneventful circumstances within the shortest period of time. Glotech Appliance is such a company well organised to provide a swift long last cold /cooler room repair and maintenance services in the shortest period of time 


Cold Room Maintenance

Apart from quality repairs, our experts will also perform regular maintenance tasks to ensure that your cold-room system operates at its peak performance. These may include cleaning components, adjusting some settings, as well as calibrating temperature controls. By keeping your cold-room in perfect condition, we can improve its energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and extend its lifespan. Don’t wait for your cold-room to shut down, bring it on for some maintenance. Our team is well versed in the latest industry practices and uses new techniques to optimize cold-room performance. We are always staying ahead of technological changes and industry trends to deliver top class solutions to our clientele.

Commercial Cold Room Installations

Installing a commercial cold-room involves many stages to ensure smooth functionality, energy efficiency, and compliance with safety regulations. We have an undisputed track record, the expertise and the ability to install cold rooms, freezer room and chillers.

Cold Room Compressor Replacement

A broken cold-room compressor can affect cold-room operations. There several reason why a cold-room compressor my fail to function. Broken coils can for a compressor to overheat, so it’s important for you to always check for any ice build ups as well as the nurture of ventilation. Additionally, it is also vital to constantly check the thermostat because once it starts to malfunction; there may be undesirable temperature changes that affect the compressor efficiency. Glotech technicians have experience in replacing cold-room compressors without damaging other parts. Don’t let a broken compressor disturb your business, call us.

Cold Room Gasket Replacement

Cold Room Door Replacement

Cold Room Floor Renovations

Cold Room Panel Repair & Replacement

Repairment & Maintenance

Most Commercial cold rooms repair problems are not too major and too expensive for you to replace the whole unit. Glotech Appliance offers an all-inclusive repair service to address a wide range of cooler room issues. Below are some of the problems we fix.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Various reasons can cause this issue. These may include a faulty thermostat, compressor issues, or problems with the condenser coils. It is recommended to have a skilled technician to diagnose the specific fault.

A dirty coil can cause cooling problems. It is important for you to cleaning the condenser coils at least twice a year. This will maintain the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Noises can be caused by various issues. These may include compressor faults, condenser fan problems, or evaporator fan issues. It’s important to have a skilled technician check and identify the root cause of the noise.

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