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Whirlpool Washing Machine Repairs Cape Town

Looking for Whirlpool front or top loader  washing machine repair in Cape Town? Get your washing machine fixed by our local technicians. Speedy service, onsite or workshop attention.

Whirlpool washer repairs

Reliable & Trusted Whirlpool Washing Machine Repairs Cape Town.

We Fix Whirlpool Washer Machines in Cape Town. The Whirlpool washing machines are made to give you the most professional way of washing your clothes and other laundry in the best possible manner. They come with high-quality features that meet the consumers’ various needs and requirements. Moreover, the designs of these washing machines make them more attractive and provide a better outlook on your home environment. But like any other appliance repairs or servicing will eventually be needed due to usage, wear and tear.

Because of unpredictable weather and prolonged seasons, A Whirlpool washing machine has become an essential part of every home in Cape Town. A Whirlpool washing machine, often referred to as a washer, is just as important as other house hold appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. For that reason, a broken washing machine can bring intense distress in families.

Glotech, your ultimate Whirlpool washing machine repair solution.

As Glotech appliance, we are there to ensure that families are happy always. We provide extraordinary Whirlpool washing machine repairs and maintenance services at affordable prices. We offer great regular Whirlpool washing machine servicing at any given time. Our skilled technicians can do the following regular checks on your Whirlpool washing machine:  Checking the motor, clean your drainage, checking the water container, Maintain the vent hose, clean the door seals, replace broken parts, wipe away the build-up on the inner walls of the washer drum, and many more. Bring your broken Whirlpool washing machine to us; we will repair it till its running like a brand new one.

We offer more than just Whirlpool washing machine repair service, we offer peace of mind!

Looking for the best Whirlpool washing machine repair company in Cape Town? Stop looking further because we provide the the most trusted Whirlpool washing machine repair, maintenance and  servicing both domestic and commercial laundry.  We offer unbelievably affordable rates to provide you with the best in class service that you will hardly get anywhere else.

Whirlpool washer top loader service
Reputable Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair Service Company

Transparency is what makes Glotech a unique Whirlpool washing machine repair company in Cape Town. We make everything as clear as day light for the customer from the beginning. We will never surprise a client with extra repair costs or conditions. Get efficient washing machine repair services from Glotech appliances today, call us.

All Repairs Are Done Onsite. Same Day or Next Day.

Need A Reliable Repair Service For Your Whirlpool Washing Machine In Cape Town ?

Repairment & Maintenance

We’ve have been in the industry for years and most of the Whirlpool washing machine problems are common and the team is always prepared and equipped to solve the issue mostly same-day service or within 24 hours!

Noisy Washer Machine

A properly functioning Whirlpool washer should not be making loud noises. This may be caused by some loose parts or those that are worn out because of consistent use. It can also be caused by overloading the washing machine, bearings etc. Book A technician

Washing machine not starting

This is usually happens when the washer control board is malfunctioning. It can also happen when the machine is locked or the power cable is damaged. Book Us Today!

Washer not agitating

An agitator moves clothing through the machine, allowing water and washing powder to clean throughout a cycle. Sometimes a Whirlpool washer may fail to agitate because the drive belt, drive motor, or agitator will be in need of replacement. It can also be caused by transmission or timer failure.

Whirlpool Washer pump replacement

The pump is causing serious issues rendering the washer machine unusable? The washing machine might be taking longer than normal to drain, water is filling up in the machine. Get it repaired onsite and same day.

Spinning problems

These are mainly caused by overloading or by worn out belt which needs replacement. A broken drive belt may also cause a machine not to spin. Waste scenario, the drum might need replacing. Book Us For Full diagnosis

Excessive vibrations

This is commonly caused by an unbalanced tub or the whole washing machine. A Whirlpool washer can be unbalanced due to tear and wear of suspension systems. Misalignment between a drive motor shaft and fan shaft typically results in some abnormal vibrations. It can be either angular misalignment or offset misalignment.

Washer not filling in with water

This is mostly caused by kinked or clogged inlet lines. If the water supply hose is not functioning properly, it means the Whirlpool washing machine will drain for a few minutes and the power button will be off.

Washing machine damaging clothes

This can be caused by some foreign objects in the washer drum. It can also be caused by a damaged washer drum or a malfunctioning thermostat resulting in overheating.

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Bring your Washing Machine to our workshop and get free assessment and pricing. Or Book us for Onsite Repairs.  The dedicated Whirlpool washer technicians are at your disposal.

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Summary of The Common Whirlpool Washing machine Issues We Solve Regularly 

Call us to attend to your Whirlpool Washing Machine at the comfort of your home for a call out fee of R250.

What Makes Us Outstanding

We Schedule & We Arrive

Time is most important factor to us and we do not make you wait around. We arrive when we say we will!

Our Technicians

Friendly, professional, dedicated to quality are the few words to describe. Do you love fun! Yes, fun as well to create a memorable atmosphere. True, repairing a fridge doesn’t have to feel like attending a funeral. Yeah!

How It Works

Appliance Repair Process

Call us before 15h00 today & receive same-day, onsite repair 

Free Phone Consult

Call us to get your free phone consultation.

Expert Technicians

Our friendly, expert technicians come out to your place.

Appliance Repaired

At the end of the day, all we want is for you to be happy.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair

We offer exceptional workmanship on affordable prices. We prioritise your satisfaction more than money. We are not just your repair company, we are your family! We value your happiness more.

Workmaship Warranty

Glotech appliances offer a full 6 Month warrantee on both commercial and home Whirlpool washing machine replacement parts and 3 months on labour services

same day Whirlpool washer service

We Don’t Want To Keep You Waiting As 90% Of The washer Issues Are Fixable Onsite And Same Day. Therefore, Our Technicians Are Always Equipped With All The Essential Parts To Fix Your Whirlpool washer machine On The Same Day And Onsite.

Trusted Work

It is always a good thing to deal with a professional repairman when it comes to Whirlpool washing machines. They know what they are doing and can spot a Whirlpool washer problem in no time. Our team is professional and experienced; trust us with your washer makeover.

Experience, Training & Expertise

Established In The Year 2015. We Have Accumulated Experience Over Years And Our Highly Informed Team Is Capable To Deliver Accordingly. Be Assured That Your Whirlpool washer machine Will Be Restored Back To It Perfect Working Condition.

Best Industrial Practices

Our Track Record And Daily Repair Ethics In The Appliance Repair Industry Is That We’re Aware Of Every New Technology And Designs Of The washing machine. Therefore, We’re Able To Deliver Optimal Service. Nothing Newer And Nothing Intimidating!

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Answer:  No!

Call out fee is only paid upon the disapproval of a quote. All callouts are wavered when you proceed with the repairs.

Answer: Depends!

Repairs depends with the extend of the damage. However, 90% of the Whirlpool washing machine Issues Are Fixable Onsite And Same Day. Therefore, Our Technicians Are Always Equipped With All The Essential Parts To Fix Your Whirlpool washer machine On The Same Day And Onsite.

Answer: Yes 

Our dedicated Whirlpool washing machine repair technicians are licensed and well trained. More so, our experience, consistency in the repair industry makes our repair teams keep sharpening their skills to make sure that they align with the current technology.


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