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A washing machine is an essential need for today’s date! Defy washers have been developing quality washing machines since and aspires to be the market leader. Regardless of the innovativeness of the company, all washing machine require a service or repair at one point in time due to usage, wear and tear. In the event of a breakdown, you would need a reliable defy repair technicians for fast and efficient repairs. 

The best thing about GloTech is that we provide you with speedy Defy washing machine repair service in Cape Town within the same day and onsite (at your house). In an emergency and urgently looking for a company to repair your defy washing machine? GloTech is the best solution provider for you. Book an appointment now!

Glotech, your ultimate Defy washing machine repair solution.

Washing machines have a tendency to break down right when you need them most. Fortunately, Glotech Appliance Repairs can make your washing machine spin again before your dirty laundry accumulates.

Glotech appliances can repair your Defy washing machine for you to approach life with confidence. We do repair work with passion and determination because we have come to understand how Defy washing machines are a crucial part of everyday.  We understand how having clean and sweet smelling clothes will enhance someone’s mood at any given day.  Our skilled team of professional technicians is well-equipped to repair washing machines of all makes and models and can be at your door step within a few minutes after your free phone consultation. Do not let a Defy washing machine breakdown get you down, call us. We are Defy washing machine repair experts who care much about your satisfaction.

We offer more than just Defy washing machine repairs, we offer peace of mind!

Looking for the best Defy washing machine repair company in Cape Town? Stop looking further because we provide the the most trusted Defy washing machine repair, maintenance and  servicing both domestic and commercial laundry.  We offer unbelievably affordable rates to provide you with the best in class service that you will hardly get anywhere else.

We're the Defy washer repair experts you can trust.

Transparency is what makes Glotech a unique Defy washing machine repair company in Cape Town. We make everything as clear as day light for the customer from the beginning. We will never surprise a client with extra repair costs or conditions. Get efficient washing machine repair services from Glotech appliances today, call us.

front loader bosch washer repair

Fast & Efficient Defy Washing Machine Repairs. Same Day & Onsite Repairs. Book A Call Out Now!

Need A Reliable Repair Service For Your Defy Washing Machine?

Repairment & Maintenance

We’ve have been in the industry for years and most of the Defy washing machine repair tasks are common and the team is always prepared and equipped to solve the issue mostly same-day service or within 24 hours!

Defy Washer not draining

Defective drain pump is the main culprit. Happens when the drain hose or pump is clogged with a small item of clothing, residual gunk or other debris. In this case, the washing machine will be malfunctioning and not engaging the drain/spin cycle properly.

Defy washer leaking water

One of the most common causes for a defy washing machine that leaks water is blocked, kinked or damaged hoses. It may also occur because of damaged tub seals, faulty water line connections or broken water level switches. Clogged or blocked drain may also cause your defy washing machine to flood the floor.

Defy Washer causing trip

This caused by a number of factors. Some of the common causes are damaged wiring, defective stop switch or worn out motor. You will definitely need the assistance of a professional to determine exactly which cause is responsible for the tripping

Defy Washer pump replacement / repair

The pump is causing serious issues rendering the washer machine unusable? The washing machine might be taking longer than normal to drain, water is filling up in the machine. Get it repaired onsite and same day.

Defy Washer not cleaning clothes properly.

A full or partial blockage in the filter or pump will affect your washing machines ability to drain water from the drum. This will lead to poor rinsing results and poorly washed clothes as a result.

Defy Washer making a lot of noise.

Mostly, this is as a result of a drum bearing failure. One way of testing the noise is by spinning the drum with your hand. If it's noisy, the bearings will be in need replacement.

Defy machine not agitating

This is usually caused by a broken shift actuator. The washing machine transmission might be worn out or defective, causing it not to agitate or spin.

Defy Washer not starting the cycle

This is common when the power source is unplugged. It can also happen when the washing machine has overheated. Other causes may be wrong settings or malfunctioning spin switch.

same day and onsite Bosch washing machine repairs

Before trying to repair any Defy washing machine, it’s vital to identify the problem. Common Defy washing machine issues include the machine not starting, not spinning, or not draining properly. The machine may also be making strange noises or leaking water.

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Summary of The Common Boshc Washing machine Issues We Solve Regularly 

Call us to attend to your Defy Washing Machine at the comfort of your home for a call out fee of R250.

What Makes Us Outstanding

We Schedule & We Arrive

Time is most important factor to us and we do not make you wait around. We arrive when we say we will!

Our Technicians

Friendly, professional, dedicated to quality are the few words to describe. Do you love fun! Yes, fun as well to create a memorable atmosphere. True, repairing a fridge doesn’t have to feel like attending a funeral. Yeah!

How It Works

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Call us to get your free phone consultation.

Expert Technicians

Our friendly, expert Defy washing machine technicians come out to your place.

Appliance Repaired

At the end of the day, all we want is for you to be happy.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Defy Washing Machine Repairs

We offer exceptional workmanship on affordable prices. We prioritise your satisfaction more than money. We are not just your repair company, we are your family! We value your happiness more.

Workmaship Warranty

Glotech appliances offer a full 6 Month warrantee on both commercial and home Defy washing machine replacement parts and 3 months on labour services

same day Defy washer service

We Don’t Want To Keep You Waiting As 90% Of The washer Issues Are Fixable Onsite And Same Day. Therefore, Our Technicians Are Always Equipped With All The Essential Parts To Fix Your Defy washer machine On The Same Day And Onsite.

Trusted Work

It is always a good thing to deal with a professional repairman when it comes to Defy washing machines. They know what they are doing and can spot a Defy washer problem in no time. Our team is professional and experienced; trust us with your washer makeover.

Experience, Training & Expertise

Established In The Year 2015. We Have Accumulated Experience Over Years And Our Highly Informed Team Is Capable To Deliver Accordingly. Be Assured That Your Defy washing machine Will Be Restored Back To It Perfect Working Condition.

Best Industrial Practices

Our Track Record And Daily Repair Ethics In The Appliance Repair Industry Is That We’re Aware Of Every New Technology And Designs Of The washing machine. Therefore, We’re Able To Deliver Optimal Service. Nothing Newer And Nothing Intimidating!

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Answer:  No!

Call out fee is only paid upon the disapproval of a quote. All callouts are wavered when you proceed with the repairs.

Answer: Depends!

Repairs depends with the extend of the damage. However, 90% of the Defy washing machine Issues Are Fixable Onsite And Same Day. Therefore, Our Technicians Are Always Equipped With All The Essential Parts To Fix Your Bosch washer machine On The Same Day And Onsite.

Answer: Yes 

Our dedicated Defy washing machine repair technicians are licensed and well trained. More so, our experience, consistency in the repair industry makes our repair teams keep sharpening their skills to make sure that they align with the current technology.


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