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Defy Oven Repair Cape Town & Johannesburg

Looking for a certified, reliable, affordable and swift Defy oven repair service company for your in Cape Town and JHB (Pretoria and Johannesburg)? Book Us!

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Best Defy Oven Repair Company

We fix Defy Ovens – This ingenious piece of art is an essential appliance in the kitchen. Essential for various purposes, from heating the food to baking. Like any human invention in the world, it will give it at one point or another.

Defy has been one of the best and most trusted and used brands in South Africa. Defy earned a reputation and eventually the majority trust this brand because of its name and reputation, which has been earned through many years of hard work and dedication. In addition, the innovation of appliances under this brand has made them a staple in every African household. When this frustrating time call you eventually need a reputable and dedicated Defy oven specialist to repair your appliance to its original state. Better to avoid non reputable fly by night company springled around South Africa. Glotech Appliance as reputable appliance repair company we have dedicated technicians for Defy. Be assured to have your oven repaired same day and onsite.

Glotech Appliance is your one stop repair centre for Defy ovens in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our team of experienced and highly motivated technicians are at your disposal.  Call us for a free phone consult and book an appointment for an immediate service.


Fults or problems develops and you would need an immediate attention of a reliable Defy oven repair company / technicians in your area. It happens that Glotech has fielded the best experienced team of Smeg technicians in Cape Town and Johannesburg to offer reliable solutions to these issues.. These are some of the problems found in the defy ovens

Not heating or overheating

These problems of not heating and overheating can be severe issues. If they do not heat properly or are overheated, call an expert Defy oven repair technician for an immediate solution to the problem

Door issues

There can also be issues with opening and closing the oven door, and because of the door issues, the food might not get adequately heated, and the appliance will also not work correctly.

Turns off itself

If the oven turns off on its own, it is a problem that should not be ignored. A need for professionals is required, and they should solve the situation.

The fan keeps running

If the oven fan keeps running even after turning it off, it may have an issue that has to be resolved by a technician and should be done immediately.

common solutions to fix electric Defy ovens.

When an oven is malfunctioning the most common solution is to replace the part which has given in. Depending on the problem these are common solutions for a Defy oven.

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Same Day Repair

Onsite repair

why choose us to repair your defy oven

GroTech appliance repairing company is one of the best companies present in today’s date for improving your servicing your Defy Ovens. When it comes to the Defy company appliances, we’re the right choice offering you the best repairing services at an affordable cost. Be assured, we has several qualified technicians who will help you get everything done smoothly and correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

These are some of the frequently asked questions for the defy ovens

This depends on the temperature setting you choose and whether you use a fan or conventional heat. If you are using fan heat, your oven will be warm within 15 minutes; using conventional heat will take up to an hour to reach temperature.

No, it is not normal if the oven makes loud noises. Suppose you continue to make such noises, then call a technician and repair the damage as soon as possible.

Most problems on Defy ovens are worthy to repair. Few instances were repairs becomes regular and expenses better replace. Too old oven above 10 years might need to be replaced depending also on the problem.

There are a few failures, but the most common culprit is the heating element. Other issues include, oven fan motor repair, oven making unusual noise and, oven thermostat problems and more!

Cleaning your oven every three months is a good idea for its better durability. Regular servicing your oven reduces / curb unnecessary repair costs as some problems are due to negligence.

The smell of this burning plastic can be because of the manufacturing process. For example, there could be a coat of materials used during manufacturing. However, there is nothing to be worried about as the smell goes after the first usage. If the burning smell continues, then call a professional to check it.

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