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Walk in fridge repair Cape Town? We’re your go-to guys for all your walk-in freezer repair and gas refilling needs. Call Us for fast and cost effective solutions!

Walk In Freezer Repairs

walk in freezer repair

Best Walk in Cooler Technician

You’re stuck facing spoilage of your perishables and the solution is to search for the best wailk in cooler technician nearest to you? From temperature fluctuation, broken seals to compressor faults and evaporator malfunctions, Glotech professionals can handle them. We understand that a malfunctioning freezer can lead to product spoilage, costly delays, and intense frustrations in customers. This is why we prioritize efficiency, providing fast responses and efficient repairs for our clientele. With our vast knowledge and modern gadgets, we can quickly identify the problem and offer the most effective solutions.

Are you sick and tired of dealing with a malfunctioning walk-in freezer? Worry no more! We the best in commercial refrigeration repair solutions. When it comes to keeping your merchandise fresh and your business running smoothly, it’s crucial to have a reliable freezer. However, even the best equipment can experience issues over time. That’s where Glotech commercial repair services come in. We offer first class solutions and have the expertise to handle any walk-in freezer related problems. Call us today.

Walk in Freezer Maintenance

Rest assured that our technicians are not only capable of fixing immediate glitches but can also ensure the long-term performance of your walk-in freezer. By conducting intensive inspections and offering preventive maintenance measures, they help minimize the chances of future fridge breakdowns. Their mission is to save your precious time, money, as well as keeping you away from trouble while keeping your freezer in perfect working condition. Don’t let a faulty freezer slow down your business any longer. Contact our professionals today and enjoy the best walk-in freezer repairs ever.

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When it comes to walk  freezer room repair services, we don’t mess around. This is our specialist minor gasket replacements to hermetic and semi hermetic compressor replacement, addressing all cooling issues and general maintenance 

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Friendly, professional, dedicated to quality are the few words to describe. Do you love fun! Yes, fun as well to create a memorable atmosphere. True, repairing a fridge doesn’t have to feel like attending a funeral. Yeah!

Repairment & Maintenance

Most walk in freezer refrigerator repair problems are not too major and too expensive for you to replace the whole unit. Glotech Appliance offers an all-inclusive repair service to address a wide range of walk in fridge issues. Below are some of the problems we fix.

Tripping of breaker

Tripping of the safety circuit breaker when you turn on your fridge from main power supply, can be caused by damaged or worn out electrical wiring. Also, problems with the refrigerator’s compressor or motor can lead to tripping as well.

Too much Frost accumulation

If there’s any dent or dirt on the lining of the damper door, damp air will enter your freezer. With the fridge operating for a long time, this air will turn into ice, covering the entire unit.

Continuous cycle

This refrigerator problem is caused by some dust or debris build-up around the condenser coil. If the problem continues, check the temperature of your refrigerator. If it’s too low, it may cause frequent cycles. If none of these solutions works, it’s time to call an experienced serviceman.

Water leakage

This problem is caused by an ice-clogged water supply line. The other most common reason is a blockage in the defrosting drain passage of your walk-in freezer. The defrost drain system is inside the freezer, and some food particles may drop into the drain, clogging them.

Walk Freezer making a lot of noise

If this happens while your fridge is running, it will be a warning. This usually produced by fridge fans. Normally, a fridge has two types of fans, a condenser fan for cooling your fridge condenser coil. There is also an evaporator fan, which is responsible for drawing air over the freezer's evaporator coil when the compressor is running. These two fans work concurrently. Abnormal noise can be produced by any of their motors. To check the motor, first, unplug the fridge and search for any signs that the motor is broken or damaged. If you do not possess the needed expertise, it is always advisable to call an experienced technician.


Let us predict and tell us more about your walk in cooler fridge issues to be fixed. We summarised some common issues we fix regularly.

We’re your go-to guys for all your walk-in freezer repair needs.

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