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Fridge Repairs Stellenbosch

Looking for the expert fridge & freezer repairs Stellenbosch? Get fast, reliable and affordable services from your local based company. Request for onsite repair or bring your for workshop attention.

Local Based Refrigeration Company Stellenbosch

Fridge – This is one of the most essential kitchen appliances that must keep running for preservation purposes. Regardless of the best make or model that you may possess, accidents happens, wear and tear will catch up and the attention of your local based technician will be immediately needed to attend to such an emergency. For such an unprepared occurrence, you definitely need better value for your money / service offered. We offer the best rates for all freezers and fridge repair Stellenbosch, including discounts and free callouts for elderly, pensioners and disabled.

Glotech appliance has dedicated fridge technicians and nearby workshop to repair all major brands of refrigerators in Stellenbosch ranging from Samsung, LG, Defy, SMEG, AEG, Hisense, Whirlpool to KIC and Miele. You have been searching and probably having an emergency and you need same day fridge repair service? We have you covered. Our local-based Stellenbosch fridge engineers are just a phone call away, well equipped with all common parts (compressors, refrigerant gases, condenser fans, filters, piping, defrost elements and sensors etc) to offer same day and onsite repair service. Also, a workshop nearby if workshop attention is a requisite.

We are providers of exceptional fridge repairs in Stellenbosch & beyond. This is not just a shout, we have a track record in the refrigeration industry and a dedicated team of technicians, well trained, educated and highly experienced fridge repairman ready to do a job at any given moment. Support your local based refrigerator repair company and be assured of a swift, reliable, and affordable service.

Book our fully qualified and experienced fridge repair mechanic Stellenbosch clients have come to know and trust. Well experienced on both older and newer double door, frost free and digital inverter technology.

Need A Reliable Repair Service For Your Refrigerator In Stellenbosch?

Repairment & Maintenance

Glotech Appliance offers an all-inclusive repair service to address a wide range of fridge issues. Just some of the problems we fix.


Fridge Not cooling

There are a lot of issues that cause that, and you definitely need a technician on the ground to diagnose the problem and offer same day, onsite service.

Fridge is Leaking

this is high likely to be a blocked pipes and we have the means to unblock same day on technician arrival.

Fridge Over freezing

There are variety of issues causing this from circulation fan, seal leaks, faulty temperature sensors, controls, condenser coils and more. Call to book the technicians to assess the real cause onsite.

Fridge Not turning on

there is also a host of problems from as simple as your plugs, to complex issues as overload relays, circuit boards. The assigned technician must test with a meter first to get to the bottom of the real problem.

Fridge Seal replacement

The door rubbers of your fridge are tone and need to be replaced? This might be due to wear and tear or accident or mouse bites etc. We’ll get your door boot replaced affordably. No need to buy a new machine for such issues.

Fridge Compressor replacement

Loud humming compressor is the real issue. It must be replaced for a piece of mind. Compressor is not kicking in; your fridge is having cooling problems. This scenario you need a new compressor. Before going forward, we will send our technician to test if it’s really a compressor issue.

Fridge Regassing Stellenbosch

Maybe your fridge is not cooling enough, or it has been years without refilling the compressor. We advise you book the technician to check and regas your fridge at the most affordable cost. We offer fridge refilling at minimum cost of R450.

Other issues

there are a variety of issues whereby you need a technician to firstly diagnose reveal the real problem. After full diagnosis, the assigned technician will fully explain the issue and the cost of repairing it onsite.

Most refrigeration repair issues are not too major and too expensive for you to buy a new fridge. Don’t unnecessarily waste your money on a new refrigerator, we can get your fridge back to its factory performance. 


Let us predict and tell us more about your fridge issues to be fixed. We summarised some common issues we fix regularly.

Call us to attend to your fridge or freezer at the comfort of your home and pay us a call out fee of R250.

Qualified Technicians

Affordable Rates

Same Day Repair

Onsite repair

The Reason To Choose Glotech Appliance

Bring your fridge to our workshop and get free assessment and pricing. It’s advisable that you do not try to fix the fridge yourself as it increases the chances of further damages. We have the best fridge technicians at your disposal in Stellenbosch.

What Makes Us Outstanding

We Schedule & We Arrive

Time is most important factor to us and we do not make you wait around. We arrive when we say we will!

Our Technicians

Friendly, professional, dedicated to quality are the few words to describe. Do you love fun! Yes, fun as well to create a memorable atmosphere. True, repairing a fridge doesn’t have to feel like attending a funeral. Yeah!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

There are a host of issues ranging from fridge gas refilling, compressor replacement, door seal repairs, condenser fan, overload relays and more. The technician must be on the ground to assess and fix the actual problem.

Simple general cleaning, to gas refilling, condenser fan servicing, clear out drip pans, swaping water filters and more.

Most common problem we solve on these newer frost free fridges and even older ones. There are several issues from faulty defrost sensors and elements (evaporator coils frosted over) to your door seal. The fan might be the cause as well. Book a technician to fully diagnose the problem and fix.

Brands We Service


Our Customer Say

Thank you humbly for your services. My fridge is now working perfectly and I’m happy Please thank Shaun on my behalf, his attendance is beyond impeccable.
Samantha Van Zyl
Excellent and professional. We’re happy with the repairs. We will definitely use Glotech appliance again. My Samsung freezer side was not working. Shaun and Ryan came to check and fixed the problem in no time. Thank you Glotech!
Shane Nigel
The two technicians Mura and Tobi came to fix my cold room. It was an emergency issue and the delivered a seamless on time service. These guys saved my day and probable loss of my stock. Well-equipped and unbelievably good and super friend.
Robyn Pretorius
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